Confront with petitions

Since federation in 1901, the political class has established Royal Commissions at the rate of about one a year, facing us up to both the country’s challenges and its failings. But, strangely, never a Royal Commission into the political class itself. It’s as though the political class has played no part in our failings, has never ducked a challenge. The worry is that many in the political class actually believe that.

Would you not welcome a Royal Commission in reverse, cross-examining the political class? Would you not follow the proceedings as never before? If so, please sign the petition that 17mHF has set up on, Australia’s go-to website for online petitions.

Petitions are the old fashioned way of confronting the political class; even the slaves building Egypt’s pyramids gave it their best shot. But there’s less begging and pleading these days, more demanding and confronting. Here is the link.

The Royal Commission that voters really want