Change Politics
We’re a group of practitioners, innovators, creatives and academics who believe that there’s a better way to do politics in this country… and we’re here to make it happen. [Accessed 6 December 2021]

Democracy 2025
Democracy 2025 is strengthening democratic practice in Australia through research, dialogue and innovation. [Accessed 20 October 2021]

Democratic Audit
This is UK organisation but has applied its audit methodology to 15 other countries, including Australia. The link takes you to its Australian content.

newDemocracy is first and foremost a research organisation. Our principal interest is to ensure citizens trust government decision making.
We do this by working with governments to design and operate public engagement projects that enable everyday people to contribute to reaching shared and trusted recommendations around challenging areas of public policy. We seek to work exclusively with government decision-making and not for private individuals or companies.
[Accessed 20 October 2021]

OECD: Trust in Government
The OECD is advancing the measurement of public trust. Through improved evidence, we want to better understand what policies and governance reforms can governments design and implement for restoring and maintaining public trust. [Accessed 20 October 2021]

Susan McKinnon Foundation
Australia’s democracy and its institutions are struggling to address the many issues our nation must urgently tackle if we are to remain a dynamic, fair and prosperous country in the 21st century.
Rather than focusing on a specific or single policy area, the Foundation’s objective is to help Australia achieve a more fit-for-purpose, effective political and policy system overall.
That is because the Foundation strongly believes improving the overall system as well as the performance of our elected politicians will improve Australia’s capabilities to advance every individual policy reform we need to make now and in the future.
[Accessed 20 October 2021]
On, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilising supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions. [Accessed 12 March 2022]