Confront with delegates

There is nothing really new in politics but much that’s fallen into disuse and discarded. One thing that can be rescued from the scrapheap is the machinery for face-to-face confrontations between voters and candidates. Ideally, every electorate finds something that can be made to work. But it takes only one electorate to show that a delegation can be organised; there’s another 150 to follow its lead.

Is your electorate the one? Or mine? Whoever gets there first, there is material on 17millionHonestFriends that can be fed to the delegation, and more to come if you get on the mailing list. First up is a summary of the polling and survey data on the public’s distrust of the political class.

Maybe it’s not an electorate that first finds a way. Maybe it’s your suburb or locality, church, workplace or football club. Start with whatever works, confident that 17millionHonestFriends is a non-partisan agenda that will find popular support on all sides of politics.

Please make contact and let’s start talking. Suggestions and requests are welcome. Reports of progress and breakthroughs are most welcome.