Shallow Rules => Deep Distrust

When you get to 70 and have voted in your 19th election, endured your 19th parliament, you start to wonder how we get so little public progress from so much political grief. The penny drops eventually; you realise that the parties and the personalities are a distraction. It’s the system stupid, the electoral and parliamentary system.

Which is a relief when you think about it. Turns out, we are not driving ourselves nuts; the political system is. We don’t have to think badly of people we have never met; we just have to change the rules.

Public distrust runs deep because the political rules are shallow; they don’t reach into the murky depths of politics. Fortunately, reformers have drafted new rules for every chapter of the political rulebook: election campaigns, money politics, lobbying, parliament, public service, anti-corruption, government secrecy, political parties. Whatever the problem, we are spoilt for choice in how to fix it.

Confronting the political class with our trust and rulebook issues is the motivation for 17millionHonestFriends.

The confronting starts with knowing what’s possible but there are other items on the menu. Check it out. Contact me if you have fresh ideas for the menu.

Peter Dempster